Things to do with us

Your holiday as an adventure

Eagles and hawks

The magic of flight
Our staff organises for the guests who love falconry or are curious about this fascinating world, exciting shows in which hawks and eagles dance in the air with unfurled wings. At the end of the performance our staff will be at the disposal of our guests to show them the wonderful specimens.

Visit our animals

Children can watch the wonderful courtyard animals, such as Galápagos tortoises, “Murgia” and Shire horses, donkeys of Martina Franca, hawks, eagles, a blue-and-yellow macaw – an Ara ararauna parrot – and more.


A journey also aims to regenerate body and mind. In our partner facilities you can book relaxing massages and wellness breaks.

Winery and farm visit

If you love wine culture, you can not miss the opportunity to visit one of our typical wineries, where you can taste local flavours and our typical products.

Paragliding with eagles

Our staff organises, for the guests with the dream of flying, paragliding experiences with hawks and bald eagles. It is a special way to establish a close contact between man, nature and the vast sky.

Excursions by Carriagest

Our staff organises daily excursions by horse carriages to visit old places and farmhouses, where you can breathe the smell of newly mown hay, the chirping of crickets fills the heart and the wind moves plants in coloured waves, that are the setting of a timeless landscape. A past found in ancient pleasant emotions and in harmony with the deepest side of the soul.

Bike rental

Alberobello is characterised by a fascinating countryside, where you can admire old trulli houses and natural wonders. Our guests can visit these wonderful places by our bikes autonomously or with our staff. La Corte dell’Astore is also located not far from the natural reserve “Bosco Selva”, where you can find children’s playing areas, picnic areas, footpaths and cycle paths.

Alberobello by Helicopter

Our staff organises travels by helicopter from our resort for the guests who want to visit Alberobello in a particular exciting way.

Would you experience life in a trullo?